I have a bankruptcy! 
Every apartment will check your credit. There is no such things as a "no credit check apartment" Those are hotels. With a bankruptcy almost all  Austin  apartments require that it be discharged. Many of them will work with you, if its two years old and you have re-established credit. Most apartments in Austin will deny you for a bankruptcy, particularly newer properties that score so heavily on credit.  

I owe a utility company! 
Most apartments in Austin Texas will deny you for this. The reason is you can't turn on the lights when you move in. There are some properties that will work with this and basically you turn the lights on in a friends name. If you live in the Austin city limits you will most likely be paying TXU. If you live outside the city limits you will have a choice.  In addition there are a very few properties that will bill your electric directly so that it's not an issue. Austin has very few all bills paid communities, but that's another option.  By the way utility companies are cracking down on old bills and may not let you pay them out. 

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I have a foreclosure! 
Many properties look at this in the same way they would a broken lease. If you have re-established your credit they are sometimes a little more forgiving. Newer properties can be tough on this. Apartments have not really caught up with the subprime bust. I suspect they will loosen up a little on this matter.

I have a foreclosure on a mobile home! 
They will look at it as a broken lease. If your credit is good they can be a little more creative. Call me and I'll help you out. 

I owe a bunch of medical bills and a student loan! 
You're in luck. On most apartments for rent in Austin, these are not counted against you. 

I don't have a broken lease or background issues can you help me? 
Lord yes...call us immediately! (512) 258-5200

I don't have a clue what's on my credit! 
If you've been denied credit in the last 60 days you can get a free credit report. You can also do this online. You will be receiving a free credit report from each of the 3 reporting agencies.. YOU HAVE TO ORDER THEM  

They told me I have to many inquiries on my credit report! 
Believe it or not you can be denied housing because of inquiries on your credit report....Huh!!!!... Almost always its in newer properties that score so heavily on credit. This should open your eyes to the way some properties look at your credit report and how seriously they take it. Should this happen to you. Call us I assure you we have plenty of Austin  apartments that work with inquiries. 

2010 UPDATE: 
In newer properties credit is huge. Most want a minimum of 75% good to bad credit. In older properties it can be as low as 28% and many properties will hardly consider it at all. Basically speaking if your credit is rough, but your background, income and rental are good you will have quite a number of choices.  As Austin becomes more crowded the requirements get tougher. For the moment landlords are in total control.

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